About Us

Starr Stainless Inc. is a small business that was started back in 1987, by Starr Adams, desiring to serve the needs of independent milk haulers in the US midwest region. Selling tanks has been his passion, as he enjoys meeting with new customers and strives to bring them excellence. Since then, our realm has not been limited to just the midwest - we've traveled all over the country on business and racked up the miles.

So everybody knows you have to make money. But that's only one reason that Starr Stainless was started. In 1965, Starr provided tanks for his first customers ... it's in his blood. Through the years, opportunities became available, and he enjoyed working with customers more and more - Starr Stainless was then begun. We know that quality and friendliness is important to our customers, which is why it's important to us. We guarantee you'll be satisfied!

Not only do we deal in tanks, milk and water, we do local fabrication and repair as well. In addition, we are a distributor for Stainless Tank & Equipment, based out of Beloit, WI. If you're in need of a brand, spankin' new trailer, well ... give us a call.


Currently still run by Starr, Starr Stainless is a thriving business that's willing to work with you to find what you need. What else you'll find here is a friendly crew of people who love what they do. Why not let us have the pleasure of enabling you to do the same?